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Support the planet, the Amazon, and its indigenous communities these holidays.

-Offset your carbon footprint-

With your contribution, we can work on restoration projects in the Amazon and contribute to ancestral indigenous communities. Join us!

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¿What does your planting consist of?

For a single payment of 11,99 dolars, a native tree will be planted in The Amazon with any name you want, it can be yours or the name of a person you want to give it to. This will be planted by the indigenous communities with whom we work.

Also, you will receive a letter with a photograph of the planted tree and a certification diploma. Both have the planting coordinates of the tree since it's geo-referenced on a virtual map. You will receive semi-annual photos of your tree for a period of three years, so you can see how it grows.

Plant your tree or give a unique gift now!

How do we use your donation?

We plant more trees and conserve the plantations of the indigenous communities. The planting of native trees is the main axis of our work.

Communities in The Amazon suffer from state abandonment. With the price of the trees, we also bring them food, clothing and medical supplies.

We invest in technology. One of our added values is the traceability that we make to the growth of trees through technological development.

If plantings increase, the families that we can support through this long-term sustainable work also increase.

plant with us for $11.99

More than 900 indigenous families are counting on you.

You support us in the conservation of The Amazon and the well-being of the communities.

Cubeo Tayazú Community, Vaupés

Wanano Trubón Community, Vaupés

Uitoto Jerusalén Community, Caquetá

Support the indigenous communities this Christmas!

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